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Co-author, counsellor, psychologist, ​nutritionist, and life coach, Geraldine ​Noel shares ways to manage anxiety, ​stay worry-free and clear-minded in ​this toolkit download.


anxiety and how to manage with toolkits
Geraldine noel, a therapist, psychologist, life coach, nutritionist and co author.


Geraldine Noel

Licensed Therapist, ​Psychologist, Life Coach, ​Nutritionist, and Trainer

Personalised Mental ​Wellbeing is my main ​Offering

Hey there! How's the world treating you today?

I'm Geraldine, a therapist, psychologist, life coach and nutritionist with ​over 20 years of practice. I'm on a mission to help you break free from ​emotional distress.

From abandonment to anxiety, stress to de-stress, conflict to respect ​and other challenges, I can help you overcome your emotions ​increase your confidence and live an abundant life!

Consider me as your emotional support, ready to guide you from ​struggles to success. Unleash your inner potential and get ready to ​overcome your challenges to fulfil your purpose whether individually ​or as a couple.

They call me the “solutionist” because I love digging deep to unearth ​the causes of your struggles. Together, we'll remove despair and ​nurture your healing process, while redefining the very essence of ​your life.

I'm a firm believer in your potential. Let's team up to rediscover your ​dreams, and brace yourself for the ultimate breakthrough experience!

Make each day count by ​putting your Mental health ​first.

Healing starts here.

Therapist counsels female client

Individual Counselling

You may feel down and your ​emotions out of control. As a ​trained therapist I help you ​overcome everyday challenges ​to build resilience, regain mental ​health and well-being.


Emotional support/communication skills/self-esteem & confidence/academic support/coping with transitions/preventing mental health issues/reduce risky behaviours/exploring identity

and values.


careers guidance counsellor

Combined Bespoke

Combined Counselling, Coaching ​and Nutrition offers a holistic ​approach by removing emotional ​barriers, improving overall health, ​and foster lifestyle changes; ​healing you from past difficulties ​that help you flourish in future life


Overcome past hurt &

pain/gain mental

strength/improve body ​image/

have high self-esteem/

Improve communication/

achieve goals/

and much, much more!

and values.

Outdoor Protrait of Black African American Couple Embracing Each

Relationship Counselling

Patients and understanding help ​you acknowledge past hurts and ​empower you to move forward. ​You will rebuild trust, and create ​a stronger self, set boundaries ​and make deeper connections ​for longer lasting relationships


Building strong relations/

Strengthen boundaries/create care, warmth and stimulation/

trusting each other/

resolve conflict/

much, much more!

and values.

Pensive Depressed Woman at Psychologist Counseling Session

Health Coaching

Whether you're looking to ​manage a chronic condition, lose ​weight, or simply improve your ​overall diet, I help you make ​sustainable lifestyle changes, ​choose foods that empower ​your mind, and cultivate a ​holistic approach to health


Great body image/self-​esteem/enhances your ​journey to better ​health/removes ​stress/nurtures and ​relaxes your ​mind/achieve lasting ​wellness/improves ​mental wellbeing and ​healthy body

Close up of pensive black woman thinking having life troubles

Taster Session

I understand the challenge of finding the right ​therapist to support you through your struggles. ​That's why I offer a taster session, giving you a ​glimpse into what working with me entails. This ​introductory session allows you to delve into ​counselling, coaching or nutrition, address any ​worries, and experience the advantages it can bring. ​We will explore your goals, exchange thoughts, ​inquire, and plan our next steps. I aim to ensure ​your counselling experience is both comforting and ​trustworthy.

Booking a taster session will afford you discount ​from any other service you choose.


Counseling Puzzle
Counseling Puzzle
Counseling Puzzle
Counseling Puzzle
Counseling Puzzle


pricing PACKAGE guide

life or health


45 minutes per week

8 weeks coaching


Mapping Session

Goals exercise

Weekly email support

WhatsApp support




45 Minutes per week

12 Weeks Individual or ​Couples Counselling



Check-in-email support



£660 £960


45 minutes per week

16 weeks Counselling, life ​& nutritional coaching


Combined Assessments

Email support


Nutritional plan

Mini courses

Emergency calls


Sad young black woman portrait feeling negative emotions
careers guidance counsellor
Young Couple Having Marriage Counselling
Depressed black teenage boy having counselling with mental health professional.

Issues Addressed

Academic stress/exam pressure/peer ​relationships/family conflicts/eating ​disorder/abuse/anxiety/depression/self-esteem and ​identity issues/bullying/grief and loss/self-harm and ​suicidal ideation.

Individuals &


Are you facing emotional struggles in life?

Do you sometimes feel isolated?

Have you encountered relationship challenges?

If you are feeling low and finding it hard to manage ​your emotions, I can help you! With expertise in ​mental health and relationship therapy, adult, youth, ​children, school, and family support, I offer a safe and ​private environment for you to navigate your issues. ​Together, we can work on overcoming challenges and ​restoring your mental health and overall well-being.

Combined Counselling ​Coaching & Nutrition

Combined Counselling, nutrition and Coaching help you conquer ​challenges in a short period. It goes beyond past and present ​obstacles that hinder your progress in life. Fostering resilience, ​and unlocking your potential for a significant breakthrough.

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by challenges today?
  • Are you feeling trapped and unable to find a way forward?
  • Do you aspire to live a liberated and fulfilling life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's time to take ​the first step towards transformation. Combined counselling, ​coaching and nutrition give you tools, strategies, and support ​your need to navigate life's complexities and emerge stronger.

Through tailored sessions, you can gain clarity, build confidence, ​and develop a proactive mindset that paves the way for ​sustained success and personal fulfillment.

We support you to overcome past hurt, pain, and brokenness

by building mental strength through resilience, helping you ​overcome major life changes preventing mental and physical ​health issues. Become confident, assertive and have high self-​esteem improve communication, building resilience, personal ​goals and development

Healthy Woman with Fruits

Issues Addressed


Emotional distress/negative thinking/confidence /eating ​disorder/diet/body image/nutritional health/life ​transitions/coping strategies/weight

Life or Health ​Coaching

Coaching helps you move beyond traditional goal-setting and ​problem-solving approaches; and focuses on helping you make ​profound shifts in your thinking, behaviour, and overall ​approach to life or work.

Are you ready to get to the next level?

Then take action and redefine your purpose in life today with ​our coaching programme. We have proven ways and a wealth ​of expertise for you to cross leaps and bounds to transform ​your life successfully.

Redefine Your Purpose and gain quick results in a short time. ​High self-esteem and mental strength naturally go together so ​why not pursue goals that are realistic and ambitious. I help ​you overcome obstacles, build resilience and take on new ​opportunities to achieve optimal success.

Photo of Women Sitting While Talking

Issues Addressed​​

Burnout/ ​Career/Confidence/Finances/Friendship/Health/ ​Motivation/Parenting/Personal ​Development/Redundancy/Self-​esteem/Spiritual/Stress/Work & Life Balance and ​Youth

There is life after ​COUNSELLING.

Geraldine is here to help you achieve your ​goals, make connections, find support, and ​guide your recovery journey.

a group of people are smiling as they have broken through from anxiety, pain, hurt and overcome challenges.

Your therapy sessions are even better!

A strong support ​system makes ​things happen.

I offer strong support, and I am honoured to ​collaborate with the following organisations ​for therapy:

Business people at a conference event

Book a consultation

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Cell: (44) 7787 346296



Monday to Thursday - 10:00 am to 8:00 pm Friday -Sunday - Closed.

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